About us

Our ideal is to combine simplicity and durability at a high Level.

Our buildings take into account the dialogue between man, society and nature. The result must be plausible – translating the demands for well-being, economy, technology and ecology into high-quality architecture. A building is successful if it combines formal logic, expressive aesthetics and practical benefits – inside as well as outside. That means meaningfulness down to the smallest detail. We would like to emphasize the authenticity of the fabrics: even after processing, the typical character of the material should be recognizable. This is our view of modern architecture.

Our services range from consulting, project development to all phases of performance, including costs and site management, and also as general planner. Through intensive communication with the clients, we develop common goals on the basis of which qualitative designs are created.

The exact determination of the costs and the adherence to the budget in the construction execution by our cost management are basic requirements of our work as well as the announcement and the coordination of specialized planners and construction companies. The planning and construction time is based on professional schedules, which are set up and monitored by our experienced project Management.